Maximize your composting and recycling

Get a crash course on what you can and can’t recycle, how to set up a composting system in your backyard, and what role all this plays in reducing our waste. Also, a Vermont reporter in Havana updates us on an Upper Valley youth baseball team that’s visiting Cuba.

The China Project

Performances on the Great Wall, language lessons, and city adventures. This summer’s trip to China for the Vermont Youth Orchestra was an eye-opening adventure, and a chance for students to write about and share their experiences through a partnership with the Young Writer’s Project. We hear from those students and from Geoff Gevalt, the editor of the Young Writer’s Project.

The China Project

A group of young Vermont musicians traveled to China this summer and experienced the enormous and complex nation in a way the average tourist never could. In collaboration with the Young Writers Project, VPR hears the voices of those students in “The China Project.” Listen Monday and Tuesday during Vermont Edition on VPR.