The China Project

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A group of young Vermont musicians traveled to China this summer, and they experienced the enormous and complex nation in a way the average tourist never could.

Members of the Vermont Youth Orchestra performed in magnificent concert halls, and even played at The Great Wall of China. In between, they toured ancient temples, and strolled through lush gardens.

While in China, students teamed up with The Young Writers Project to create a ‘blog’ with sound recordings, photos and essays.

Our series "The China Project" features a selection of those recordings and blog entries. It is a compelling, first-person story about all that the young musicians were experiencing and reflecting on while touring China.

Daniel Houghton of the Young Writers Project narrates.

Click the "Related Audio" links below to hear Parts One and Two of "The China Project".

This special VPR series is a collaboration with the Young Writers Project.

PHOTO: Wylie Brown

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