The China Project

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Performances on the Great Wall, language lessons, and city
adventures. This summer’s trip to China
for the Vermont Youth Orchestra was an eye-opening adventure, and a chance for
students to write about and share their experiences through a partnership with
the Young Writer’s Project. We hear from
those students and from Geoff Gevalt, the editor of the Young Writer’s

What do you do
with your leftover turkey when you’re tired of sandwiches? We talk turkey
(recipes, that is) with foodie Marialisa Calta.

And, the Christmas
tree that was selected for the Capitol building in
Washington D.C. this year was harvested the Green Mountain National
in Bennington County. We follow the
tree’s route from
Vermont to its place of prominence.




Marialisa Calta’s Recipe–


For each sandwich:

2 slices Italian "country
loaf" or any good bread (ciabatta is often the choice for panini, but I think
it makes the sandwich too bread-y)

extra-virgin olive oil

sliced turkey

freshly ground black

sliced smoked Gouda cheese

handful of watercress

one side of each slice of bread with the olive oil. Layer one slice with
turkey, brush lightly with more oil and
sprinkle with pepper. Layer with Gouda and watercress. Top with the remaining bread slice,
oiled-side down.

a panini press or indoor grill according
to manufacturer’s instructions or place a lightly oiled cast-iron pan over
medium heat. Lightly brush the outside of each sandwich with oil and place in
the press or grill or on the skillet and cover; if using a cast iron skillet,
use a second skillet or a brick wrapped in aluminum foil to press. Cook until
the cheese begins to melt and the bottom of the sandwich is golden brown. Flip and repeat. Serve warm.


Yield: 1 panino

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