Marathon: the lure of 26.2 miles

They have trained through the long winter months to prepare physically and mentally, and this Sunday the runners will test themselves against the 26.2 mile distance. We talk with runners about why they are attracted to marathoning.

Midday Newscast May 26, 2008

As gasoline prices rise towards or past $4.00 a gallon, it’s not just drivers who are affected, some small gas stations also feel the squeeze.  Officials from the Southwestern Medical Center are preparing pitch plans for a $45 million hospital expansion; more…

Lowering Vermont’s Drinking Age

Twenty-three years ago Vermont raised its drinking age to 21. But now some Vermonters are advocating for lowering the age back to 18. We hear from John McCardell, the former President of Middlebury College, who supports the idea; and we hear why others are strongly against it. Also, we talk with a Vermont marathon runner preparing for the Olympic trials. And, we visit a Northeast Kingdom classroom where Latin has been taught for more than a century.