If Only I Had Known!: The Escape Clause

And now "If Only I Had Known." That’s the theme we gave to commentators this spring for an annual brunch. We’ve been sharing some of their thoughts this week. And today we close the series with writer and storyteller Willem Lange, who says he wishes he’d discovered a few simple, but key words a lot earlier in life.

If Only I Had Known!: The Drink

VPR commentators spoke at a brunch this spring on the theme of "If Only I Had Known." We’ll present selections from them all this week. We start with law school professor Cheryl Hanna, and her gathering with friends.

If Only I Had Known!: Fooled Again

All this week, we’re hearing selections from a brunch featuring VPR commentators. They wrote on the theme of, "If Only I Had Known!" Mike Martin, a high school teacher in Hinesburg, questions whether our electronic gadgets are all they’re cracked up to be.

If Only I Had Known!: Top Gun

VPR commentators took on the theme, "If Only I Had Known," for an annual brunch this spring, and we’re sharing some of their thoughts this week. This afternoon, Mary McCallum tells about an unexpected self-discovery.

If Only I Had Known!: Army or Navy

This afternoon we begin sampling some of the essays recorded at this year’s VPR Commentators Brunch. The theme was, "If Only I Had Known." On this Memorial Day, retired ABC News correspondent Bill Seamans tells about how he chose a military career.