If Only I Had Known!: A Piece of Cake?

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(HOST) VPR commentators shared their thoughts on a common theme at an annual brunch this spring. We asked them to write about, "If Only I Had Known." And that inspired Edith Hunter to share this tale about … well … about cake.

(HUNTER) If only I had known that having a hip replacement is a piece of cake, I would have had it done two years ago instead of waiting until after I was 90.

Of course, when I started writing this, I didn’t know whether or not it really would be a piece of cake, and wouldn’t know until after March 8th when it took place, which was after the date by which I had to send  a draft of this to Betty Smith, but before I was supposed to deliver these remarks.

So I wrote, if I am actually here, then everything went well and I am nearly ready to take over making my own breakfast from son Graham, from making my own lunch from son William, and to take back the garden from son Charles.

Now, today,  I can report that thanks to son Graham, I am here, still walking a bit cautiously with a walker, but fully expecting to discard it once I have enjoyed one last visit with the surgeon .  

When I went into the hospital I took along "Truman" by David McCullough. The book weighs just a little under 3 1/2 pounds. Almost immediately after surgery, the physical therapy began, and although lifting and holding that 1,000 page tome was not on the list of proscribed exercises, I think it contributed to my recovery.

"A piece of cake?" Certainly not angel food cake, or cheese cake, but maybe a Christmas fruit cake in which a few nut shells have been left by mistake.

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