VPR Interview: Howard Dean

VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb speaks with Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean about President-Elect Barack Obama, the fifty-state strategy, the country’s future and his own.

Decriminalization of marijuana

A bill in the Vermont Senate would reclassify possession of 4 ounces of pot as a civil offense, not a criminal one. We talk with people on both sides of the issue about whether marijuana should be decriminalized. Also, a Stowe movie director prepapres to release his documentary about Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, and an audio postcard from Athens, Vermont.

Internet and Presidential Campaigns

The Internet’s role in the presidential campaign is breaking new ground with candidates gathering dollars and supporters online, and the advent of the YouTube Debate. We talk with Garrett Graff, author of the book, "The First Campaign," about new media in politics. Also in the program, Dr. Robert Shapiro explains the science of a migraine, and VPR’s Tim Johnson reflects on the genre of medical TV shows.

Vermont in the Civil War

Virtually every Vermont community lost sons in the Civil War. Author Howard Coffin talks about his search to find each town’s connection to the battle between the states.

Former Governor Howard Dean

We talk with Howard Dean about the chaotic primary schedule and how the presidential candidates are getting focused in the weeks before Iowa and New Hampshire. Also, analysis of week’s news and a student theater production about hate crimes and the legacy of Matthew Shepard.

Changes in Policing and Public Safety

We talk with Public Safety Commissioner Kerry Sleeper about the changes he’s seen in his 30 year career in policing, public safety and homeland security. Also, news analysis with Vermont reporters and a listen back to voices in the week’s news.