Coffin: Milkweeds

As winter settles in and the days get shorter, outdoor ‘things to do’ become ever more precious. On a recent walk, Howard Coffin encountered milkweeds gone to seed.

Coffin: The King

While watching the recent, surprisingly short World Series, Howard Coffin was reminded of a softball game in a little Texas town, when he and an army post team went up against the best of the best.

Coffin: Mallory at Dartmouth

This time of year when it’s just a matter of time before snow whitens Vermont’s mountain tops, it’s possible to think of other, higher mountains. Howard Coffin remembers a childhood hero who almost climbed the highest mountain on earth.

Coffin: Little Bighorn Reflections

Each year tens of thousands of people seeking a fascinating chapter in American history travel to a thinly settled part of the west where the Seventh Cavalry came to grief. Two Vermonters were recently among them, at the Big Horn Battlefield National Park. One of them was Howard Coffin.

Coffin: Antietam and Vermont

On Monday, we observe the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Antietam – an event in which Vermont troops fought, and one that Howard Coffin says led to a fundamental change in American values.

Coffin: Last Full Measure

Given that we’re observing the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, Howard Coffin is thinking of those who lost their lives in that conflict – and the Vermont family that suffered the greatest losses – north or south.

Coffin: Jeffords At Cedar Creek

One hundred and fifty years ago, America was torn apart by Civil War before the union was finally restored in 1865. Since that time, preservation of the many historical sites associated with that struggle has been a challenge. Historian and commentator Howard Coffin  reflects on how one Vermonter in particular contributed to that effort.