Legislatures around the region convene today

In New Hampshire, the Legislature met its constitutional duty to convene today. But then many lawmakers quickly left Concord to avoid the worsening weather. In New York, Governor David Paterson gave his state of the state address.

Midday Newscast: December 29, 2008

Here are the top stories at 12:10pm. A Bethel man is due in court later this hour to face several charges after an armed confrontation with state police last night; Vermont and three other New England states will join together on a regional standardized test for third- to eighth-graders; more…

Midday Newscast, November 21, 2008

Here are the top stories at 12: 05pm New England will experience a significant recession; a fund set up to help workers in the Bennington State office building has fallen short by $230,000; Congressman Peter Welch says Waxman election to Chair the House Committee on Energy and Commerce spells good news for VT; more…

Why so Blue?

The solid mass of "blue states" in the northeast spells concern for Republicans and we examine what can be learned from these trends. Also, issues of social class are explored through a theater performance, and artists transform old books into sculptural pieces in a provocative exhibit.

Local meat

Interest and demand is on the rise for meat raised in our region, but some experts say there’s a limit to how much meat we can produce if the capacity of our regional slaughterhouses doesn’t keep up. Also, a comparison of how Vermont and New Hampshire are handling budget woes.

Vermont Edition interview: New Hampshire’s “tax pledge”

It’s called "The Pledge" – and it’s long been the third rail of New Hampshire politics.  For years, New Hampshire gubernatorial candidates have had to take the pledge by promising to oppose a broad based income or sales tax in the granite state. But this year at town meeting in New Hampshire, dozens of communities considered a resolution that would put them on record against the pledge.

Court Records Online

Proponents of a bill at the Statehouse say that some records, particularly those related to family court proceedings, could be abused if they were available online, as opposed to paper records. We look at the public’s right to know and the individual’s right to privacy in the era of digital court records. Also, New Hampshire’s anti-tax stance might be eroding, and we hear about newly discovered letters from the Cornish, New Hampshire, painter Maxfield Parrish.