Haitian Students Reflect On Earthquake, One Year Later

A massive earthquake devastated Haiti a year ago today. A few months after the quake, American diplomatic officials stepped in to help Haitian students continue their educations at U.S. schools. Three students were placed at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester. One of them graduated last year. But two remain in Manchester.

Vermonters And Haiti Relief

VPR’s Jane Lindholm talks with humanitarian aid workers about the mid to long-term effects of the earthquake in Haiti and what role Vermotners and outside organizations are playing in the ongoing recovery process.

Vermonters in Haiti

We check in with Vermonters who’ve gone to Haiti about the longterm after-effects of the earthquake. And VPR’s Bob Kinzel previews the week ahead in the Vermont Legislature as the budget and other key bills advance.

Barre Midwife Headed To Haiti

We spoke with Vermont midwife Katherine Bramhall several years ago, after a natural disaster-the tsunami that ravaged Bali in December of 2004. Katherine Bramhall explains why a birthing clinic is so important in a place like Haiti that’s thrown into sudden and unexpected chaos.

Dartmouth Students Raise $130,000 For Haiti

What started as an all-nighter at Dartmouth College has grown into a fundraising campaign that’s raised more than $130,000 for Haiti’s earthquake victims and become a model for other campuses around the country.