Gubernatorial candidate Gaye Symington

Democratic candidate for governor Gaye Symington discusses the key issues facing the state’s economy. A report on how downtown Rutland has recovered from flooding in summer rainstorms. And a bonsair grower reveals the art of cultivating tiny trees.

Gov. candidate Anthony Pollina

Anthony Pollina’s independent campaign for governor got a boost from a federal court ruling on campaign finance recently. We talk with about the three-way race for governor. Also, an audio postcard from Old Bennington.

Gov. Jim Douglas

Vermont Edition continues a series of one-on-one interviews with candidates for statewide office with incumbent Governor Jim Douglas. Also, news analaysis from VPR’s John Dillon and a snapshot of voices in the week’s news.

Gov. candidate Anthony Pollina

Anthony Pollina’s campaign for governor has been hit with questions about his party affiliation and financing – but he’s still campaigning hard and stating his position on a number of key issues. Also, how schoolkids are reducing their carbon footprints by walking and biking to school.

Gov. candidate Gaye Symington

Democrat Gaye Symington has a tough fight ahead in the campaign for governor. Voters are concerned about fuel prices and the  economy, and state leaders are worried about more budget cuts this Fall.  We’ll talk with her about how she plans to tackle these issues.

Dem. Gubernatorial Candidate Gaye Symington

Bob Kinzel talks with Democrat Gaye Symington about the politics of a three-way gubernatorial race and the issues that define her candidacy. Also on the program, news analysis with VPR reporters and we listen back to some of the voices in the news this week.

House Speaker Gaye Symington

Bob Kinzel talks with Speaker Symington about proposed changes to school funding, budget priorities and Vermont Yankee’s push to extend the nuclear power plant’s license for 20 more years. Also, news analysis with VPR’s John Dillon, and we listen back to some of the voices in this week’s news.