Gov. candidate Anthony Pollina

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Anthony Pollina’s independent campaign for governor got a boost with a court ruling that he can keep his early fundraising dollars. Pollina is our guest on Monday as Vermont Edition continues a series of interviews with candidates the state’s top offices. We’ll talk about the top issues in this three-way race as Election Day nears. (Listen)

Also, the hillside village of Old Bennington is a popular spot for leaf-peepers. We continue our series of audio postcards from Vermont towns with a visit to the Old First Church that stands there, and the cemetery that dates back to 1761.

Listener comments and questions:

Lindsay in Hinesburg:
Raw milk is an important value-added product for some dairy farms. Right now, Vermont law limits how much raw milk dairy farmers can sell to 12.5 gallons per day. Do you, Mr. Pollina, support an increase in this limit and/or the state testing of raw milk?

David in Sharon
You are wrong about the history of raw milk. Raw milk was responsible for much
childhood disease and epidemics. I think if you look into the history of milk
pasteurization you will find it was a great public health measure. Perhaps with
adequate testing it can be safe but unqualified endorsement shows a lack of
true historical understanding of infectious diseases. We have not been drinking
milk for a billion years either.

Elizabeth in Arlington:
How much would you put towards marketing the state of Vermont. Rooms & Meals
taxes are a lage part of the states income, would you spend money to increase
the dollars of visitors coming to the state?

Les in Brattleboro:
By the use of a signing statement, President Bush has exempted himself from
following the terms of Posse Comitatus — the law that prevents the military
from adopting police functions, except under the most extreme circumstances. Bush has also essentially federalized the National Guard, meaning that state governors no longer control deployment of the National Guard from that state. Also, Bush has made a agreement with Canada that Canadian tropps will be allowed to patrol the streetsof the United States,using lethal force if necessary, if invited to do so by the US military. Philosophically, how does Mr. Pollina plan to deal with this dangerous situation if elected governor?

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