Gov. candidate Anthony Pollina

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Anthony Pollina’s campaign for governor has been hit with questions about his party affiliation and financing – but he’s still campaigning hard and stating his position on a number of key issues. As part of our election series of interviews with statewide candidates, we’ll talk with Anthony Pollina about education, the agriculture and the economy.

Also, our series of interviews with people who are working to improve the environment continues with a look at how schoolkids are lessening their carbon footprints. Jane Lindholm checks in on the Safe Routes to School program, that encourages walking and biking, rather that driving to school.

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Comments and questions from listeners:

Karen in Elmore:
My husband and I are self-employed and have always purchased (at extremely high cost) individual health insurance. With the downturn in the economy our income
has declined and we can’t afford the insurance. We can’t get Catamount unless we are uninsured for a year which is too risky for us. What can you do to help Vermonters like us?

Rob in East Corinth:
So, the real issue is not about taxing people more (which is what Pollina just said) it is about getting more business (including micro business) into the state. (And I am democrat, not republican!)

• Why did Green Mountain Coffee leave? (Yeah, their corporate offices are here, but not manufacturing)

• What about someone smaller like The Sock Lady who couldn’t find a manufacturing facility here in the state and found a hosiery manufacturing in South (or maybe North) Carolina?

I am not suggestion the environmental laws need to be softened nor do I want to see bill boards all over out roads – but there has to be a balance here. Sure, infrastructure is part of the problem, but so is a younger workforce, the lack of internet/cell access everywhere. It all has to be done now.

Paul in Bridport:
With 75 to 80 percent of health care costs the result of the treatment of chronic health problems directly due to poor eating and exercise habits, when are we going to address these health care cost drivers directly in a determined and responsible way?

Alex from Bethel:
Ironically I thought about this morning as I bought my VT Milk Company cheese. I am so hopeful for your campaign. Your vision for the State will take us forward. Even if the economy continues to deteriorate with your ideas we will be able to save money through retrofitting buildings to make them more efficient. We can green up Vermont buildings and homes. The technology is available- the policy and leadership from the Governor is absent on this issue. You have a plan for affordable housing and the Vermont Credit card is great. I cannot praise you enough. We saw you speak in Rutland and your passion speaking out against the war bought it all home for us. Douglas’ policies have been dire for our state and Symington doesn’t have the experience and passion to get us out of it- but you do. My husband and I are defiantly another two democrats voting for you this november. Thanks for all your work.



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