In Rutland, Mayor Louras Faces Challenge From Allaire

Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras faces stiff opposition from well-known challenger for the city’s top job. While the campaign has been relatively quiet, public safety and the city’s drug problem have emerged as a top issues in a race that will be decided on Town Meeting Day.

Dunsmore: Israeli Elections

This week’s Israeli election did not exactly meet expectations and has created considerable uncertainty about the future direction of the country. Veteran ABC News foreign correspondent Barrie Dunsmore has been examining possible consequences of the vote.

After The Counting: An Election Recap

Treasurer Beth Pearce and her opponent Wendy Wilton, Auditor-elect Doug Hoffer and Vince Illuzzi, House Speaker Shap Smith and Attorney General Bill Sorrell reflect on their races and look at what’s ahead. And VPR’s Ross Sneyd and Valley News Editor John Gregg provide analysis of the Vermont and New Hampshire races.