Gov. candidate Gaye Symington

Democrat Gaye Symington has a tough fight ahead in the campaign for governor. Voters are concerned about fuel prices and the  economy, and state leaders are worried about more budget cuts this Fall.  We’ll talk with her about how she plans to tackle these issues.

America’s Hidden History

Historian Kenneth Davis shares stories about the early years of the United States from his new book, "America’s Hidden History: Untold Tales of the First Pilgrims, Fighting Women and Forgotten Founders Who Shaped a Nation."

Reaction to Vermont Primary and School Budget Votes

Political analyst Eric Davis joins Jane Lindholm for a final analysis of Vermont’s outcome in yesterday’s Democratic contests. Also, the directors of the School Boards Association and the Superintendents Association assess how school budgets faired across the state. And we listen back to some of the sounds of Town Meeting Day.

Undecided Primary Voters

One week from now, Vermonters will go to the polls and choose which party and which candidate to vote for the presidential primary. But some Vermonters are still weighing which candidate will get their vote. We talk with political analyst Eric Davis and take your calls. Also, a controversy over when it’s appropriate to relocate an old cemetery, and we listen to the sounds of winter necessity for those who take the ice: getting your skates sharpened.

Three-Party Gubernatorial Race

Bob Kinzel talks with Anthony Pollina about gubernatorial politics and the ramifications of a three-party race for the state’s top office. Also, political analyst Eric Davis looks at election politics in Vermont and in the national primary races, and we remember the ice storm of 1998.

Field of Democratic Presidential Candidates

We talk with the political analyst Eric Davis of the field of Democratic presidential candidates, and which of them are gaining traction with Vermont politicos and primary voters. Also, reviving the American Chestnut Tree and picking the perfect Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin.

Midday Newscast, September 24

Former Lt. Governor John “Jack” Burgess has died;people spending time outdoors in Vermont this fall are being warned that this is also a peak season for deer ticks; Dan Davis says he intended to serve out his four-year term as Windham County state’s attorney when he was re-elected last year, but changes in state retirement benefits prompted him to reconsider; about 80 Vermont National Guard engineers are back in the United States after spending almost a year on the ground in Iraq.