Reaction to Vermont Primary and School Budget Votes

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Tuesday’s votes are cast and it’s time to dig into the results. Listen
Wednesday to Vermont Edition when political analyst Eric Davis joins
Jane Lindholm for a final analysis of how Vermont’s choice in the Democratic primaries compares to the bigger states that voter yesterday. (Listen)

Also on the program, what trend will bear out for school budgets across
the state? The directors of the School Boards Association and the
Superintendents Association – John Nelson and Jeff Francis – will
spend Wednesday morning analyzing town votes and give us an update. (Listen)

we’ll listen back to some of the sounds of Town Meeting Day. (Listen)


Listener comments on the Vermont Primary:


Janet from Putney:
I’m part of the demographic of "older women" – 63 yrs old –
for Obama. I worked for Obama for the last two weeks in Brattleboro and
had a wonderful experience.
Our leader was a 20 year old man from Marlboro who was great: the
organization of volunteers was a work of art, phone contacts, house to
house canvassing, up to and ncluding the day of the election. I was moved by the sense of
community that existed in the volunteer group and disappointed to see
Hillary’s campaign behaving n an angry and hostile way. I was also dismayed that she seems to have
turned to negative campaigning, playing on people’s fears, for example,
to speak to voters.
I am also turned off by Hillary ridiculing Barack’s position of hope and
change – it seems kind of sad when one has to trash hope and idealism in
order to win!

Joanna from Shoreham:

My fear is that we’ll get to the Democratic convention and young adults and African Americans will be outside the convention center protesting their disenfranchisement if Clinton doesn’t win the primary delegates but wins by maneuvering the super delegates and delegates from Michigan and Florida.

Barbara from South Burlington:
While listening to the comments on the radio this morning, I was
fired up by a woman caller from N.H. who truly spoke my mind. I am a middle
age (older perhaps) woman. I do not like Hillary, nor would I ever
cast a vote for her. I feel absolutely insulted to constantly be put
in a demographic group of "older women for Hillary." First of all, the
pundits need to understand that there are a lot of us older women not
for her. Let’s create that new group. I don’t trust her. I believe
she will say whatever she feels will make the point du jour. She is a
chameleon whose colors change all the time. I don’t like the shrill,
screaming voice, and I was really turned off by "the
tear" in N.H. I believe her campaign has launched sleezy attacks on
Obama which also are a turn off.
As a woman, I couldn’t care less if she is a woman. Spare me on this.
Without going on and on about specific "issues," you pundits out there please understand, there are probably umpteen thousands of us older
women out here who just simply don’t like Hillary. Period.

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