Bike Access In Vermont

In Vermont, particularly this time of year, you see people on bikes everywhere, both commuting and riding for pleasure. A recent national survey ranked Vermont as the 18th state nationwide when it comes to bike friendliness. We talk bike access, and what the state and towns are doing to improve it.

New ‘Safe Passing’ Law To Help Bikers

Bicyclists around the state say a new ‘safe passing’ law should make it easier to share the road with motor vehicles. The law goes into effect July first. It offers new protections not only to cyclists, but to walkers, horseback riders, roller-bladers and other ‘vulnerable roadway users.’

Winter Bike Commuting

We talk to Nancy Schulz, Executive Director of the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition about winter bike commuting and Louise Penny, mystery writer and author of the bestselling novel The Brutal Telling.