Bike Access In Vermont

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Vermont, particularly this time of year, you see people on
bikes everywhere, both commuting and riding for pleasure. A recent national
survey ranked Vermont as the 18th state nationwide when it comes to bike
friendliness. We talk bike access, and what the state and towns are doing to
improve it, with Nancy Schulz, executive director of the Vermont Bicycle and
Pedestrian Coalition.

Also on the program, last
week Governor Peter Shumlin held a press conference to explain allegations that
a Vermont State Police officer had gamed the system and charged the state and
municipalities for overtime hours he didn’t work. A lot of hours: Sergeant Jim
Deeghan’s base salary was just over $78,000 but he made an additional
$58,000 in overtime. Officials say most officers make $30,000 in
overtime each year. We talk to Burlington
Free Press reporter Mike Donoghue, who broke the story, and has continued to follow it. 



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