Groups urge Congress to act on bat ailment

More than 60 environmental and other organizations from across the country are urging Congress to increase funding for research into a disease that is killing bats in the eastern United States.

Renewable Energy in Vermont

The news has been full of announcements about new solar, wind and biomass energy projects in Vermont. We’ll find out what’s behind the flurry of projects and whether they represent a new era of increasing reliance on renewable energy.

Midday Newscast: February 4, 2009

An education group has singled out Vermont as a national example of doing a good job to prepare students for college; deadly white-nose syndrome is striking more bats over a larger area this winter; more…

The Bird Show

As the weather grows colder, birders get ready to witness the great migration south.  We find out which birds we can expect to see, and we take your questions.  Also, an update on how our bats are faring this year.