Renewable Energy in Vermont

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Renewable energy projects seem to be popping up everywhere: From big solar installations at major Vermont companies to a new biomass plant in
Springfield. Recently two Vermont utilities signed on to buy power from
a wind farm in Sheffield.

On the next Vermont Edition we’ll talk with Jeff Wolfe of groSolar, a Vermont solar installation company which is one of the largest in the nation, and Donald Kreis of the Institute for Energy and the Environment at the Vermont Law School about whether the landscape is changing for renewable energy – and how much of our power mix these and future projects have the potential of meeting. (Listen)

Also, as bats stir in their hibernacula, we’ll talk with wildlife
biologist Scott Darling about White Nose Syndrome, which continues to
spread. (Listen) Watch the Vermont Edition video below on White Nose Syndrome’s impact on the Aeolus Cave in Dorset, 2008.

And we hear about a group of Brattleboro artists who’ve found a
unique way to help dementia patients.(Listen)



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