Vermont Bans New Designer Drug

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(Host) The Shumlin administration has banned a new designer drug that’s referred to as "bath salts."

The drug is made from legal chemicals that are sold in drug stores. They’re marketed as bath salts and carry a disclaimer that they are not appropriate for human consumption.

But they can be snorted, injected or mixed with foods or drinks and cause a variety of symptoms that include suicidal impulses.

Health Commissioner Doctor Harry Chen says there have not been any problems in Vermont, yet, with using the bath salts as a drug.

(Chen) "Given the fact that they are so dangerous and there are reports elsewhere of people ingesting them and having very bad health effects, include death, suicides, it certainly made sense for Vermont to take this action."

(Host) The administration had the authority to ban bath salts for the next six months while it seeks a permanent ban.

There are currently bans in 30 states and Senator Patrick Leahy has proposed a law that would prohibit the sale of the drug nationwide.

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