Dunsmore: A Safer Future?

The year 2011 will be remembered as not a very good one for dictators and terrorists. Yet, as commentator and retired ABC News diplomatic correspondent Barrie Dunsmore tells us this morning, the jury is still out on whether the overthrow of these villains will make our world appreciably safer.

In Addison County, Solar Hot Water Takes Off

Many more houses in Addison County are getting water that’s been heated by the sun. Since the inception of a new program this fall, 95 houses have installed solar hot water heating systems. And that’s been good news for one local business.

Slayton: Surviving Change

All this week, we’re revisiting last summer’s tour of Vermont’s General Stores, produced in partnership with the Billings Farm and Museum. Today, commentator Tom Slayton considers why general stores, once the center of village life in Vermont, eventually began to change and assume the mostly subsidiary role they play today.