‘Moonlight in Vermont’ rings in New Year

It’s likely that somewhere on New Year’s Eve, as the lights dim on the dance floor, a Vermont musical icon will be playing. In 1944, a new popular song gave the world an image of Vermont that included falling leaves, ski trails and the evening summer breeze. The 13-line song became a standard that is still sung today.

Year in Review, Part 5: Energy issues

Energy was a big issue in 2004. Most of the energy matters that Vermont dealt with in the last year cropped up early and stayed in play for months. Today as we continue our weeklong “Year in Review,” VPR’s Steve Delaney looks at nuclear power, hydro-electric dams, wind power and transmission lines.

Study focuses on health of Vermont’s wildlife

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is involved in a nationwide effort to take stock of country’s wildlife. Officials say when the work is completed it will be the first time that all of the state’s animals, plants and insects have been surveyed.

Hiram Powers’ Lamp

Commentator Anne Galloway thinks that one of the most unexpected news stories of 2004 involved the legacy of Woodstock native Hiram Powers, the most renowned neoclassical sculptor in America.

Year in Review, Part 4: Politics

There was other political news in Vermont this year besides Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. There are some familiar faces back in statewide offices, and others who are leaving their elected positions. Today as we continue this week’s series on “2004, the year in review,” VPR’s Steve Delaney takes us through the politics of the last 12 months.