Voices in the week’s news: August 15, 2008

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The Prosecution of sex crimes and state budget cuts were the big stories this week. But we also dealt with flooding from ongoing rains, continues concern about winter heating, an effort by China to stall a piece of recycling legislation in Vermont, and regional youth baseball team went to Cuba.

These were some of the voices in the news this week:


Flash flooding concerns – midday newscast, 8/11/08

(National Weather Service meteorologist William Hanley) "Our main concern would be possibly street flooding, particularly in poor drainage areas. We’re not looking for any problems on the main larger rivers. There won’t be any flooding problem, mainly localized flooding we’re looking at of local roadways being washed out or becoming impassable."


Wood pellet stoves becoming harder to find

(Richard Moskwa, Stove and Flag Works) "It’s a hard year for the people cutting wood to get wood out. And it’s been so wet it’s hard for it to dry, air dry. 20 percent’s going to be a dream for a lot of people this year in terms of the dryness of the wood they’re burning."


Foreclosure money may be used for energy efficiency, heating aid

(David Mace, Commerce Agency) "While we haven’t seen a large number of foreclosures in Vermont, we do expect that there will be increased pressure on people as home heating fuel prices continue to rise and the weather continues to get cold this fall and winter."


Supreme Court, Douglas battle over proposed budget cuts

(Patricia Gable, court spokesperson) "Because the judicial branch is a separate branch of government, it means that the judicial branch would then not have a proportionate cut to the rest of the state. And so there is a constitutional problem with the plan as proposed"

China disputes Vermont computer recycling law

(State Sen. Ginny Lyons) "In this case, the People’s Republic of China was asking us not to even consider the bill. I think that it is inappropriate for a foreign government to come in and try to influence our democratic legislative process."


VT Edition Interview: Little League baseball team playing in Cuba

(Reporter Bruce Edwards) You know, this is part of a long-standing acrimonious relationship between the political leaders of our country and Cuba over trade and over travel. And you know, what can I say? It’s been on-going for over 50 years."

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