VPR Evening News January 30, 2009

Debate over Act 68 school funding; Legislative committee examines issue of asbestos contamination in Lowell; Justice Deparment will investigate salmonella outbreak after Sen. Leahy calls for probe of Peanut Corp. of America; Commentator John Fox on the yin and yang of the Superbowl.

VPR Evening News November 19, 2008

Governor Jim Douglas wants to avoid using rainy day funds to help deal with the state’s budget deficit; Treasurer Jeb Spaulding proposes a new gas tax to help pay for bridge repairs; The switch is flipped on a new solar energy project in Montpelier; Dennise Casey, Governor Douglas’ former campaign manager, is appointed to be his chief of staff; Commentator Peter Gilbert takes note of Alistair Cooke’s 100th birthday.

VPR Evening News November 18, 2008

Vt. lawmakers hear more bleak economic news; Auto dealers are concerned about declining sales; A decommissioning fund for Vermont Yankee dropped in value by $33 million in October; Former Senator Jim Jeffords made a last minute decision in 1978 not to go to Jonestown with a colleague. Today marks 30 years since the mass suicide in Guyana; Commentator Jay Craven discusses expressing the election outcome through poetry.

Evening Newscast: October 27, 2008

Some political observers note a shift in strategy in the Douglas campaign; Governors association calls on Congress to pass economic recovery package; Commission will look into reasons for farmers’ declining milk checks; Commentator Ted Levin says that in New England it’s possible to be a naturalist and a runner at the same time.

VPR Evening News October 23rd, 2008

Vermont officials are pushing for a wide ranging economic stimulus package from Congress; A Danby man faces jail on charges he buried waste; Rutland’s "Mr. Halloween" dies.

Evening Newscast: Oct. 22, 2008

Stalling economy becomes an issue in the gubernatorial race; Heating oil contracts, signed at peak, are now haunting buyers; A ‘Hands and Faces’ exhibit tells stories in a Brandon gallery.

VPR Evening News October 20, 2008

Gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina wants to focus on prevention programs for sexual abuse;Health Commissioner urges pandemic preparation; A new park and ride opens tomorrow in Randolph; and Commentator Deborah Luskin contemplates the ‘three R’s’: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

VPR Evening News September 25th, 2008

Gubernatorial candidates divided on what happens if election is decided by Legislature; as budgets tighten, an advocacy group urges the public not to forget about Vermont’s wildlife; police are sorting through circumstances of an accidental shooting in Essex; Vermont’s minimum wage will increase by 5% in January.