Voices In The Week’s News: October 7, 2011

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This week concerns grew about invasive plants spread by floodwaters during Tropical Storm Irene. The Dover Select Board decided to use funds from its local sales tax to attract tourists to Deerfield Valley. Waterbury was looking for ways to help guide the town’s long-term recovery. The Green Mountain Care Board met for the first time. And Tong Chen was named teacher of the year.

These were some of the voices in the news, this week.

Dover Hopes To Attract Visitors Through Campaign
(Dover Select Board member Colby Dix) "It’s one of the benefits of having our local options tax. And though it has been controversial at times, when you can directly market and give some benefit back to all the businesses that have helped to support it, it’s kind of a no-brainer."

Waterbury Looks Toward Long-Term Recovery
(Waterbury Manager Bill Shepeluk) "This effort is targeted at getting residential properties back and be able to be reoccupied, get people back and families back to this community where they then can support the business community that Revitalizing Waterbury has worked with and has had a focus on for over 20 years now."

Green Mountain Care Board Focuses On Cost Containment
(Anya Rader Wallack) "The question is, can we be doing something in terms of innovation out there in the world of innovation in the health care delivery system that results in more downward pressure on hospital budgets and on insurer rate increases."

Flooding, Clean-Up Efforts Spread Invasive Plants
(Sharon Plumb of the Nature Conservancy) "Irene moved a massive amount of material naturally. And now you have a lot of construction type work right now where people are bringing fill in. And there’s zero check to see that that fill is clean. I often see new populations of knotweed next to new culverts."

Teacher Shares Her Native China With Vermont Students
(Tong Chen) "I wouldn’t tell my students, ‘Nice job,’ if it wasn’t true. I personally learn from my mistakes, and I know my students will, as well."

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