Vermont Edition interview: traumatic brain injury among Iraq veterans

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Just a under a year ago, the Vermont National Guard started a new effort to help identify whether veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq were suffering from traumatic brain injury. It’s an injury that’s become common among soldiers from these conflicts because of their exposure to concussive bomb blasts. TBI can have symptoms that are hard to pinpoint – from headaches to emotional troubles to physical impairments.  VPR’s Jane Lindholm talks with Staff Sgt Alaria O’Brien, who’s been part of the outreach program since it formed. Over the first year of the program, its mandate and staffing have increased to deal with the large numbers of veterans who need assistance in readjusting to civilian life.



Veterans and Families Outreach Program

(888) 607-8773 toll free. This number is not staffed full-time, but messages will be returned within 24 hours.



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