First-time lawmakers reflect on session

About three dozen first-time lawmakers served in the Legislature this winter. On the next Vermont Edition, we invite them to reflect their satisfactions, disappointments and how they felt they served their constituents. Also, an update on a decades-old superfund site in Burlington.

Midday Newscast: February 2, 2009

Senator Bernie Sanders says it’s time Congress found out what caused the turmoil on Wall Street that led to the current recession; Governor Jim Douglas is in Washington today to lobby in favor of the stimulus proposal;more…

Midday Newscast: September 26, 2008

Some Vermonters are upset about the bailout of Wall Street companies that Congress and the Bush administration have proposed; Barack Obama’s nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate has stimulated discussion about race and politics; more…

Midday Newscast: September 19, 2008

Bernie Sanders says he wants the wealthiest Americans to pay for the federal bailout of the financial industry; a hard frost hit many parts of the region this morning, a reminder that winter driving is fast approaching; more Vermonters are out of work; Vermont Yankee has found more problems with the nuclear power plant’s cooling towers.

Midday Newscast: September 17, 2008

A new loan program helps VT homeowners improve their houses for this winter; different points of view on results of the first opinion poll in the governor’s race; Vermont Yankee is reduced to about half power after cooling tower problem; Senator Patrick Leahy questions FBI Director about Wall Street crisis;

Midday Newscast: September 16, 2008

Strafford woman recognized as Vermont’s teacher of the year; financial turmoil on Wall Street is reverberating across Vermont’s state retirement funds; Vermont utility regulators have given the public an opportunity to say whether Vermont Yankee should operate for another two decades.