Ludlow Remembers Man Who Perished In Storm

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(Host) Friends and family gathered in Ludlow Friday afternoon to remember 50 year old Kevin Davis.  

Davis was a well-known member of the community who drowned during Tropical Storm Irene.  

VPR’s Nina Keck has this remembrance.

(Keck)  No one really knows how Kevin Davis ended up in the water.  He had a house on Lake Rescue and longtime family friend Matt Birmingham says he probably went to check on it when the storm got serious.   

(Birmingham)  "And he was undoubtedly trying to work on his dock and his boat. And no one will ever know precisely what happened, but it was clearly a tragic, accidental, hurricane-related drowning."

(Keck) Davis lived in Weston. But he grew up in Ludlow and was president of Mary W. Davis real estate, the Ludlow company founded by his mother in the late 1950s. Matt Birmingham, says the loss is a big one for the community.

(Birmingham) "Kevin cut a wide swath through this area. I mean he has a big real estate agency. And Kevin was a huge volunteer in the community. I mean he was active on countless boards and countless youth programs. So his visibility was very high and he was respected by everybody."

(Keck) Kevin Davis is survived by his wife Trish, daughter Anne and son Connor.

For VPR News, I’m Nina Keck in Ludlow.






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