Lt. Gov candidates disagree over sex offender laws

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(Host) There are sharp disagreements among the candidates for Lieutenant Governor over sex offender laws, energy policies and plans to improve the Vermont economy.

Speaking last night on VPRs Lieutenant Governors Debate, Republican incumbent Brian Dubie said he strongly supports the passage of a civil confinement law. That’s legislation that would allow the state to keep a convicted sex offender in custody beyond their sentence if it’s determined that the person still poses a threat to the public:

(Dubie)"This isn’t about punishing people this is about saying this person does not have the mental mind, the mental state to be released back into society."

(Host) Democratic candidate Tom Costello says he opposes this approach:

(Costello) "Civil confinement if appropriate will not address the sexual predator issue that’s out there today it would be addressed by fully funding the investigatory units and by arming the prosecutors with the tools they need."

(Host) Costello says as Lieutnenant Governor, Dubie has failed to show leadership to help expand the state’s renewable energy industry:

(Costello) "And in that energy plan there should be a specific direction for wind for small hydro for biomass and other locally created energy that’s the responsibility of this administration and it’s failed."

(Host) Dubie says the Douglas Administration is working hard to encourage the development of alternative energy sources. Dubie argues one of the best ways to encourage job growth in Vermont is to keep taxes low:

(Dubie)"Taxes are really a part of incentives high taxes discourage small businesses to stay or to locate in Vermont we have to be very careful of that."

(Host) Progressive candidate Richard Kemp says he wants to see the state fully fund its housing and conservation trust program and he thinks more should be done to boost sustainable agricultural projects around the state.

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