Kemp stresses importance of affordable housing

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(Host) Progressive Richard Kemp is at the top of his party’s ticket for statewide office.  Kemp is running for Lieutenant Governor, hoping to unseat Republican Brian Dubie. 

As a longtime advocate for affordable housing, Kemp says he would use the office to promote programs and organizations that offer housing options.  He also says he would call for a new state program to address the issue. 

(Kemp) "There needs to come about a real gathering of funds and resources and people to have, I would say, a massive housing program in the state of Vermont.  Engaging the nonprofit housing folks, the private sector, government sector to build some housing." 

(Host) Kemp says he believes the housing bill that legislators passed and the governor signed last session didn’t go far enough to address the problem.

The bill focused development in urban hubs, and required 20 percent of a development’s homes to be under $250,000-a price tag Kemp says is still much too high for a majority of Vermonters. 


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