Grubinger: Farm Labor

When it comes to farm labor, many people harbor nostalgic images of farmers in overalls with pitchforks, but Vern Grubinger reminds us that the reality of contemporary farm labor is much more complex.

Buying local

A recent study shows that Vermont consumers lead the nation in support of local food production, but commentator Vern Grubinger says that same study suggests it wouldn’t be very hard to do a great deal more.

Peak oil

Some people claim to see the future in tea leaves, but commentator Vern Grubinger thinks you can see what’s coming in the rising cost of gas.

Farm energy

The cost of energy is having a significant impact on farmers, but as commentator Vern Grubinger reports, many of them have developed innovative ways to deal with the situation.


(HOST) Jack Frost may get all the credit, but commentator Vern Grubinger says that fall color is actually the result of a process within the tree itself.


Recently, commentator Vern Grubinger was surfing the Internet when he accidentally discovered an abundance of official state food.

Food odometer

Commentator Vern Grubinger says that restaurants like Smoke Jack’s in Burlington and the Riverview Cafe in Brattleboro are featuring something new on their menus.

Junk Food Nation

Summertime is full of opportunities to indulge in sugary, fatty snacks. As the father of two boys, commentator Vern Grubinger tries to avoid junk food, but some of his own childhood eating habits didn’t exactly prepare him for the job.