McQuiston: Koop’s Legacy

When former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop died last week at age 96 in Hanover,  Tim McQuiston was reminded of an interview he had with Koop 19 years ago. Koop was living in Vermont at the time and had just started working at Dartmouth.

McQuiston: Yankee Poker

As editor of Vermont Business Magazine, commentator Tim McQuiston has been especially interested to hear what the Post-Vermont-Yankee Task Force is saying about the potential economic impact of closing the aging nuclear facility.

McQuiston: The Gas Tax

Vermont Business Magazine editor and commentator Tim McQuiston suggests that the best source of funding for the repair and maintenance of our roads and bridges may in fact be found at the neighborhood gas pump.

McQuiston: Embezzlers

Commentator Tim McQuiston sees a silver lining in the recent rash of embezzlement cases – because the perpetrators are being sent to jail. This should help to make someone think twice before sticking their hand in the till.

McQuiston: VY & VT

Whatever the outcome of the legal dispute between Entergy and the State of Vermont about the future of Vermont Yankee, commentator Tim McQuiston points out that some type of ongoing, practical relationship is unavoidable.