Fair Encourages Kids To Think About College

First grade may seem a little early to start encouraging children to think about college, but in the Northeast Kingdom there are good reasons to underscore the importance of a post-secondary education. The region lags far behind the state in the percentage of people with college degrees – and it’s gearing up for an influx of jobs that will require an educated workforce.

Demand For Specialty Food Prompts New Food Processing Centers

The increasing number of Vermont specialty food producers – many of them farmers – is creating a demand for facilities where they can make their products. A new business in Chittenden County is the latest food processing center to come on line – and there are more in the planning stages.

Rochester Family Signs Agreement With FEMA

It’s been more than 18 months since Tropical Storm Irene.  For most Vermonters, including many who experienced it firsthand, the storm is no longer a part of their lives and daily conversations. But for those who lost houses, Irene is still very present. 

ECFiber Turns To Grassroots Business Model

Five years ago at Town Meeting, about two dozen towns from Montpelier to White River Junction voted to join ECFiber, a community based organization that promised to deliver high speed fiber optic broadband service to every household. Today ECFiber has been able to connect just a few hundred customers, and in the five years that have passed, its had to dramatically change its business model.

Guarding Mobile Homes Against Floods Still Difficult

In 2011, floods in the spring, and Tropical Storm Irene later that year destroyed more than 150 mobile homes and damaged hundreds of others. A meeting in Burlington Friday took stock of long term efforts to minimize future storm damage at mobile home parks.