Winter Walk

Just over a week ago, Vermont was digging out from yet another significant winter storm, but commentator Ruth Page found beauty in the aftermath.


Commentator Ruth Page has been following environmental issues from her home in Vermont for many years, and she has a fondness for unusual creatures. Recently, she’s been reading up on one that’s as strange as it is important.

Looking Ahead

Commentator Ruth Page has lived in Vermont and followed environmental issues for many years. And while it might be an overstatement to say that she’s optimistic about 2008, she does think there are some hopeful signs.

A Perfect Day

Commentator Ruth Page has lived in Vermont for many years – long enough in fact to feel downright giddy at the unexpected warmth of a day of Indian Summer or the January Thaw. But she’s also been following environmental issues for 20 years, so these moments of euphoria are no longer anxiety-free.

Water Crisis

Lately we’ve been hearing a great deal about water shortages in southern states – both east and west, and in countries all around the world. Commentator Ruth Page says that even here at home we should be more thoughtful about our use of water.

Clean water

Recently, commentator Ruth Page was interested to learn that one of the world’s most powerful corporations is taking a leadership role in global water conservation.

Pitcher plants

At a time of year when many of us are already busy tending transplants and seedlings, commentator Ruth Page is thinking about plants that are not your average garden-variety.