Commentator Ruth Page has just learned that what she’s always thought of as a life-long limitation is really an exceptional ability – and she’s not the only one who has it.

Cooperative plants

If the earth is going to continue warming, commentator Ruth Page thinks that a recent discovery concerning a complex form of plant cooperation may turn out to have great value.

Women as leaders

Inspired this week by VPR’s series of stories about the contribution of Vermont women to our history and heritage, commentator Ruth Page is wondering what challenges they may face in the future.


Energy conservation continues to be a factor in planning for our future energy needs, and commentator Ruth Page says that one new technology in particular is beginning to look like a genuinely bright idea.

Hot topic

The prospects of global climate change can feel pretty discouraging, but commentator Ruth Page says we might take heart from projects like the one in Manchester, where a simple concept turned out to be a very bright idea indeed.

Fresh starts

January is a time for reflection, but it’s also a time for looking ahead and starting fresh, and that appeals to commentator Ruth Page.

Missing Link

Sometimes science can seem to resemble one giant game of fill-in-the-blanks. And it’s a process that fascinates commentator Ruth Page.


Like many Vermonters, commentator Ruth Page has always enjoyed watching and learning about birds, but recently she turned her attention from the back-yard-feeder variety to something considerably larger.


Fresh water is abundant in Vermont – especially this year, after the soaking rains of late spring and early summer. But commentator Ruth Page says that’s not so in many parts of the world, and she’s concerned that the problem is growing.