Coffey: Shooting Anniversaries

This month, we mark the fifth anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre. Next month it will be 85 years since America’s first school massacre. Rebecca Coffey has been considering what these and similar events suggest about gun control and community responsibility.

A Perfect Storm

Commentator Rebecca Coffey is a freelance writer with a special interest in mental health issues. And as a resident of Putney, she also takes an active interest in matters concerning Vermont Yankee. Most recently, she’s been paying close attention to the Dry Cask Storage Plan.   

Parent trap

A new study suggests that becoming a parent in modern day America could be hazardous to your mental health, but commentator Rebecca Coffey says there are ways to reduce the risk.

Child molesters

The controversy over Judge Cashman’s sentencing of an admitted child rapist prompted commentator Rebecca Coffey to do some research on national and state statistics about victims and offenders.