Schneider: Education Governor

Recently Governor Peter Shumlin broke with tradition and dedicated his second inaugural address to the single topic of education in Vermont. Richard Schneider was delighted to hear the governor focus on the importance and relevance of higher education. 

Hate Crimes

Commentator John Scagliotti is a documentary filmmaker dedicated to the exploration of issues important to the gay community.  He says that since Vermont was one of the first states to pass hate crime legislation that covered gays and lesbians as a special category – it comes as something of a surprise to learn that such attacks continue in our state..

Gay pride

With recent advances in gay civil rights, commentator John Scagliotti has been wondering whether the gay pride events held here and across the country this time of year are still needed.

Home for the holidays

This is the time of year when most of us try to be “home for the holidays” with our families – even those for whom commentator John Scagliotti* says the words “home” and “family” have taken on new meaning.

Brokeback Mountain

The Academy Awards are this weekend and the movie Brokeback Mountain has received eight nominations, but commentator John Scagliotti thinks that the film’s story is seriously flawed.

Coming out

Today – October 11th – is “national coming out day” and commenator John Scagliotti (skag-lee-OTT-ee) is thinking about the recent Vatican edict concerning gay seminarians.

Buster Gets Busted

(HOST) Recently a PBS television cartoon character named Buster has made headlines with a visit to Vermont. Some PBS stations will not be showing Buster’s Vermont visit, but commentator John Scagliotti is pleased to see that Vermont Public Television is taking a different approach.