Two Champions

Trail designer, sports writer and commentator John Morton says that – for skiers – the ongoing celebration of this winter’s surprisingly abundant snowfall has been tempered by the loss of two beloved champions.

Special Olympics

Winter weather came late this year, but commentator John Morton says that didn’t do a thing to dampen the spirits of the competitors at one recent winter sports event.


Commentator John Morton says that olympic swimmers compete in minutes and seconds, while ice dancers depend on the largely subjective decision of judge. For endurance sports like cross country skiing and biathlon it’s even trickier.


Recently, commentator John Morton investigated a sport that combines physical challenge with the added attraction of just being on the water very early in the morning.

Believing in Lance

For years, the Tour de France has been plagued by rumors about the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs, and as Lance Armstrong aims for an unprecedented sixth consecutive victory this weekend, commentator John Morton reflects on the latest charges.