If you ever had the desire to wander around the Maine wilderness, a surprise might be waiting. Commentator Joe Citro is here today to explain.


We’ve all heard the stories about the Spanish searching for Inca gold, but commentator Joe Citro is willing to bet that you haven’t heard the story about a mythical city of gold in New England.

Spirits of Desire

(HOST) For a short time during the 19th century, Vermont was the center of the paranormal universe. Commentator Joe Citro joins us today to tell us of a new novel about that era.


Some of Vermont’s legendary monsters, like Champ, are quite well known. There are some however that are not quite as famous or cute. Commentator Joe Citro introduces us to a new creature.

Curious Footprints

Commentator Joe Citro says that if you want a really good legend, take a scenic spot in Vermont, throw in a mystery plus a love story for good measure and stir.