Mudgett: Emily’s Bridge

This Halloween, Jill Mudgett is thinking about Emily’s Bridge – a covered bridge in Stowe that’s said to be haunted by a ghost named Emily – and perhaps the most haunted spot in all of Vermont. 

Mudgett: Going To The Fair

For many Vermonters the annual Tunbridge Fair, held every year in mid-September, marks the official arrival of fall. This month, as the Tunbridge Fair celebrates its 141st year, Jill Mudgett has been thinking about the fair’s long-standing reputation as a unique Vermont event. 

Mudgett: Bear Stories

First it was the story of the Governor and the four bears – followed by endless puns in the media about bears and bareness. Now, it’s bear art in Burlington. But Jill Mudgett notes that Vermont has a long history of bear stories guaranteed to please a crowd.

Mudgett: Ann Story

As part of VPR’s recognition of Women’s History Month, Jill Mudgett considers how the public story of Vermont pioneer Ann Story was invented, expanded, and has changed over time.