The Small Garden

Last summer, gardening guy Henry Homeyer decided to experiment with somewhat unorthodox, small-scale gardens – designed to save both money in the food budget and time in the garden. Today, in the first of several commentaries on the success of this venture, he says it’s not too late to start one for next year.

Fall Chores

It’s time to get ready for winter, and commentator Henry Homeyer says that doing fall chores in the garden can help with the seasonal transition.

Time to Water

Gardening coach, writer and commentator Henry Homeyer says that in spite of all the rain we’ve had this summer, many yards and gardens need watering again.

The Small Garden

Commentator Henry Homeyer is a gardening coach and writer who lives in Cornish Flat, New Hampshire – and he says that even a very small garden can add a lot to your table.