Luskin: Flood Gates

Commentator Deborah Lee Luskin is a novelist, essayist, and educator who believes in the benefits of foreign travel – which is exactly what saved Brattleboro’s New England Youth Theater from Tropical Storm Irene’s nasty flood waters.

Luskin: Humanities Matter

Author and commentator Deborah Luskin teaches writing and literature to non-traditional students throughout Vermont. And while she admires the quantitative measures that dominate the sciences, she was reminded recently of how important the humanities are – even though they defy measure.

Luskin: On Immunization

Vermont has the second-to-last rate in the nation for childhood immunizations. Commentator Deborah Luskin thinks that Vermont parents who opt out of vaccinating their children put their children, themselves, and other Vermonters at risk for preventable disease.

Luskin: Voting Season

Commentator Deborah Luskin lives in the Town of Newfane, where full participation in local government means attending and voting in separate meetings for the high school, the elementary school and the town.

Luskin: Anniversaries and Identity

Commentator Deborah Luskin lives in Newfane, which will turn 250 in the year 2024. She wonders if twelve years will be enough time to prepare a celebration equal to that of neighboring Guilford, one of the Vermont towns that turned 250 this year.

Luskin: Good Vibrations

Humans have been inventing technologies for recording music ever since Edison. Commentator Deborah Luskin recently enjoyed technology that allows the broadcast of live opera – technology that overcomes time and distance – but not, as it turns out, Mother Nature.