Commentator Allen Gilbert spent part of his Thanksgiving reading up on people he thought he knew a lot about – the Pilgrims. He was in for some surprises.

New School Budget Law

The new law on double votes for school budgets is raising concerns, even though it’s a year away from implementation. Commentator Allen Gilbert, a school board member, offers his insights on what’s going on.

Oscar the Cat

Every summer there’s an off-beat, whimsical story that catches people’s attention, says commentator Allen Gilbert. This summer it’s the story of a cat that seems to have special powers.

No skiing

The closing of a ski resort in the French Alps caught commentator Allen Gilbert’s attention recently, leading him to wonder – could it happen here?


Michael Moore’s new film “Sicko” may be his best yet, says commentator Allen Gilbert. But he wonders when change will finally come to the U.S. health care system.