Landslides And Regional Geology

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Last week a landslide in Quebec consumed a family’s home and collapsed the soil around it. But this wasn’t the first tragedy of its kind in a region that has fragile clay surface layers, formed 10,000 years ago in the ancient Champlain Sea. We’ll learn about the geologic events that created the Leda marine clay in this region, and what conditions lead to landslides and sink holes. We’ll also answer your general geology questions with State Geologist Larry Becker and Charlotte Mehrtens, chair of the Geology Department at the University of Vermont. Listen


Also in the program, VPR’s Steve Zind talks with Norwich University student and Army veteran Ken Butler, who was seriously injured in Iraq. Last year Butler took part in a program called Operation Proper Exit, which helps soldiers return to where their injuries took place in an effort to help them come to terms with them. Butler will serve as mentor in the program when he joins another group returning to Iraq this year. Listen

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