Bedrock Gets A New Map

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Since Vermont’s last Bedrock Geologic Map was completed over 50 years ago, there have been new interpretations of geologic history, like plate tectonics theory. That theory was accepted in the mid-1960s. There have also been advancements in the science of geologic mapping and technology. A new map will be released this week by the Vermont Geological Survey. It will incorporate these new elements and will help address some of Vermont’s environmental issues and the protection of our natural resources.

Geologists Marjie Gale and Nick Ratcliffe discuss how the map was created over a span of three decades, what it tells us about the state’s bedrock geology and how the map can be utilized.

Also in the program, a new
documentary looks at the tough road that kids with emotional and behavioral problems can face in school. “Who Cares About Kelsey?” by New Hampshire
filmmaker Dan Habib follows Kelsey Carroll, a high school senior who was
struggling to graduate. Jane Lindholm talks with Habib and Carroll about the
services that helped Kelsey turn her life around. The film will be shown Wednesday at 3:30
at the Vermont Family Network annual conference in Burlington.


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