Hammering Out The Town Budget

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Town Meeting Day is Tuesday and that means local issues will be discussed and decided upon across the state. The municipal budget is one of those. We discuss what goes into preparing a town budget and the steps it goes through for approval with Essex Town Manager Pat Scheidel and Fayston select board member Jared Cadwell. And we look at a bond issue to raise money for a new ice arena in Stowe that has generated a lot of debate in that town.

Plus, a team of researchers from Emory University School of Medicine and UVM are trying to identify a potential genetic connection between a specific hormone and a person’s level of fear and anxiety, and ultimately with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. We talk with UVM professors Victor May and Jom Hammack about their findings.

And, the Estey Organ Company produced reed and pipe organs in Brattleboro from 1846 through 1960. We hear the First Baptist Church of Brattleboro’s 103-year-old Estey pipe organ played by Clark Anderson.

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