Voters Boost Tax Benefits For Disabled Veterans

Voters in 31 towns have decided to boost a property tax benefit for disabled veterans. State law allows towns to exempt the first $40,000 of a disabled veteran’s property value from local taxes. But up until a few years ago, many towns did not allow the full benefit.

Addison Northwest Backs Unified Union

For the second consecutive year, the five towns of the Addison Northwest Supervisory Union have voted to form one unified school district. The vote passed along a similar margin in 2010, but opponents in the town of Addison were able to overturn the results in a re-vote.

Southern Vermont Mixed On School Renovations

A number of Southern Vermont towns had ambitious school renovations on the ballot. School officials have been saying that even in a time of austerity, it’s economically unwise to put off building improvements. But the results were mixed.

St. Johnsbury Voters Keep Non-Profits Alive

Many town warnings ask voters to shell out money for worthy causes, but in the Northeast Kingdom, the stakes are especially high for non-profits who depend on tax dollars. Private donations can be hard to come by these days, and in recent years, voters have also become choosy about how to divvy up scarce public resources.