Citizen Legislature

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This legislative session, Vermont’s General Assembly has
1220 bills before it– a total that has more than doubled in the last fifty
years. And as the number of bills
increases, so does the complexity of the issues, and the time demands on
lawmakers. During the session, a legislator can expect to earn $614.30 per week, plus an allowance for gas mileage and meals. Last week, Derby
Representative Loren Shaw announced his resignation due to financial
concerns. We examine the increasing demands
on state lawmakers, and whether or not an average Vermonter can still afford to
be a legislator.(Listen)

Also, Burlington Free Press reporter Candace Page looks
deeper into a mysterious fungus that’s infecting bats in Vermont.(Listen)

And, local comedian Martha Tormey makes us laugh over the
lane-changing habits of some drivers.(Listen)

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