Vermont’s Comedy Scene

Stand-up comedy is not for the faint of heart.  We talk with a few brave people who take the stage as part of Vermont’s growing stand-up comedy scene. Also, how to cultivate an edible landscape with berries, herbs and flowers.

Martha Tormey on her personal reality television show

Many prime time television shows are returning to the air this week with new episodes. And Burlington comic Martha Tormey is pretty happy about it. She explains how imagining a TV show about her life gets her through boring moments.

Citizen Legislature

This session, the General Assembly has 1220 bils before it– more than double the number fifty years ago. And a lawmaker can expect to earn $614.30 per week during the session. We look at the time and financial demands on our citizen legislature. Then, we hear from reporter Candace Page about a mysterious fungus infecting bats. And local comedian Martha Tormey makes us laugh.